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Referee hospitalised after allegedly being kicked in the throat during game

According to the Daily Mail, police are investigating an incident in which a rugby league referee was allegedly kicked in the neck.

This came at the end of a game in which he awarded a crucial late penalty.

The referee in question is Brian Roper who was in charge of a game between Dayboro and South Inala Warriors.

With less than a minute left he awarded a penalty to Dayboro.

This angered a Warriors player who then reportedly attacked the official even kicking him in the throat leaving him in hospital.

A teenage touch judge also allegedly suffered physical assault and thus Queensland Police and Brisbane Rugby League have begun investigations with the player stood down for the time being.

The game was abandoned before the full time whilst after Roper was left struggling from the attack and has spent two nights in hospital due to cuts and bruises on his larynx making breathing difficult.

I never saw it coming and copped it in the neck,’ the 54-year-old official said to News Corp.

‘While I was on the ground I saw the feet of the players coming towards me and thought ‘holy s***, they are going to kick me in the head’.

‘That’s when two trainers from the Dayboro team came and got me and dragged me off the field as quickly as possible.

‘It is the only time I have really been frightened doing my job.

‘I don’t care who wins or loses a game — referees can only adjudicate on the rules and what is before us.’

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