Reece Walsh’s exit from New Zealand Warriors gathers pace

Reece Walsh could be heading out of the New Zealand Warriors.

The three-year contract Walsh signed with the Warriors last year includes a welfare clause that allows the livewire fullback to leave the club – and that could be triggered quicker than first thought.

Warriors football chief Craig Hodges believes it will be difficult to keep the fullback at the club.

“The challenge for us will be keeping Reece,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

“He hasn’t lived in New Zealand, so that will be a big move for him, but what I do know is that he is extremely happy at the Warriors and he feels like his game is developing here.

“We plan to keep him. I understand home is here (Queensland) for him, so whether the Broncos or Dolphins are a chance to get him in two or three years’ time, I can’t worry too much about that. But any suggestion he is unhappy here is not true.

“I’m confident Reece will stay. For some at guys at our club who haven’t lived in New Zealand, there is a bit of unknown about going back there, but I don’t believe it will be an issue for Reece. He has Kiwi heritage so it’s not the big deal people are making out.”

Hodges does believe that being in front of their home fans will help Walsh.

“We will finally get to play in front of our fans and supporters and Reece will enjoy it. There has been some disconnection, but moving back home will bring everything back together.

“Young people these days are bulletproof. They handle change so much easier than older people who are stuck in their ways.

“In reality, Auckland is no further away than Townsville, so Reece can jump on a plane and be back in Brisbane in a few hours to see his family.”

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2 months ago

Such a misleading headline and completely at odds with the content of the article … click bait

Last edited 2 months ago by Taj