Reece Lyne reveals what makes Wakefield Trinity so special ahead of his testimonial

This coming Sunday marks the true start of pre-season with 12 teams in action across six different fixtures and one of those games will see Wakefield Trinity play for a second time in pre-season with Reece Lyne receiving his testimonial game.

Trinity have already been out once already this pre-season with their Boxing Day fixture against Leeds being a tradition for the rugby league calendar.

On Sunday though they will host and Lyne has had his say on what the day will mean to him.

Speaking to BBC Radio Leeds the 30-year-old centre spoke openly about his love for the club.

“I think a big reason why I’ve stayed here is the people that are involved in the club. The players and the camaraderie that we’ve had as well, I just think it’s a real working class club, a real friendly club and that’s played a big part in me staying here.

“You always look around and there’s volunteers chipping in and doing what needs doing for free, everyone always has a smiley face and it’s just a real welcoming place.”

Lyne will captain Trinity on Sunday in a squad that looks close to full strength with three of the four new signings set to start, including Kevin Proctor and Samisoni Langi who missed the Boxing Day game.

“Once you’ve been here so many years you just fall in love with it, it’s just a special place. Not many people have too many good things to say about Wakefield, they’ll mention the stadium and stuff and we’re always tipped to finish bottom so it’s kind of backs against the walls.

“There was a couple of opportunities over the years but Michael showed a lot of loyalty to me, especially over the early years, so I’d like to think I’ve showed some back to him and the club.”

Trinity will kick-off at 2pm as they face the Panthers in a game that’s set to be highly competitive and obviously do a lot of good in honouring Lyne and raising money for his selected causes.