Red Star become first rugby club to launch fan token

The reigning rugby champion of Serbia, Red Star RLC is to become the first rugby club in the world to launch a fan token.

Having previously announced a technology partnership with Blocksport, one of the world’s leading blockchain providers of Fan App, Fan Tokens and NFTs for the sports, which saw the launch of the Club’s Fan App, the club will now launch their $RLK Fan Token on the fan engagement and rewards app powered by Blocksport technology on 24th March 2022, with the launch of the first 10,000 $RLK tokens Blocksport and Fan Tokens will create new opportunities for Red Star RLC to recognise and reward the club’s local and international fan base.

It’s likely that Salford Red Devils will soon follow suit as they also have a partnership with Blocksport which began in 2021.

Ahead of the curb, Red Star Fans will also be able to access exclusive promotions and a number of other exciting upcoming features on the Fan App. There are many benefits of becoming a Fan Token holder, some of which include discounts when purchasing various club assets based on the number of tokens they own, discounts on club merchandise, access to personalised birthday messages and additional special content delivered via Fan App, ability to exchange your $RLK tokens for limited-edition exclusive items and VIP experiences such as signed jerseys, training sessions, meet and greet, and so much more.

The first token holders will become part of a special committee on Fan App to talk directly about the Balkan Super League and the investment strategies required to build stronger clubs in our region and to get rugby on television and into the wider media.

Fan tokens have quickly risen in popularity among teams and audiences, as they offer a new way for
individuals to connect with players, teams, and other fans around the world. While they originally offered mostly digital rewards, that is shifting towards a combination of both digital and real-world experiences.

Owners of $RLK tokens will be offered a chance to meet team members from the past and present, and some token holders will also receive VIP tickets to watch rugby games. This is in addition to the digital rewards, and the chance to acquire voting rights in fan focused club polls, as well as the chance to compete and test their knowledge against other fans from home and abroad in club-related games, competitions, and quizzes.

Colin Kleyweg, Managing Director of Red Star RLC, said: “These fans need more reasons to believe in us and our goals. They need to see Red Star Belgrade Rugby League in higher competition. They need to see those games on television. They need to see our junior pathways lead to a potential future for young men and women. They need to see rugby league as their new sport, as a real choice. Not a game for expats and
foreigners. A sport that becomes one of ours. We have achieved so much over the past 5 years, but we are not where we want to be for the game of rugby league. We call on all fans, who joined us for any part of our journey to now mobilise together and help form Red Star Belgrade Rugby League as the “people’s team” in our sport. This is a club that listens to every fan who wants to be heard. Now is the time to hear your voice, and $RLK tokens is the new beginning of this unity and closer engagement we’d been working towards all these years. ”

Vladimir Liulka, CEO of Blocksport said, said: “This partnership will create new opportunities for the club to engage with their fan base both in Serbia, the Balkans and internationally, and create new ways of fan engagement offering their fans ‘money can’t buy’ benefits and perks. We have been working with Colin and his team for some time now and seeing how far they have become (in 5 years they have won 14 trophies out of possible 18) on the pitch, we believe that they can replicate the same level of success off the pitch and in the digital space.”

The club is already one of the biggest outside of the traditional rugby league heartlands and have won the Serbian Championship a total of six times since 2013. They also took part in the 2019 Challenge Cup losing in the first round to Millom 38-10. Nonetheless, they still became the first Serbian side to play in the competition showing their willingness to break boundaries and push the game in their country.

Still growing, this initiative is set to boost the club even further forward.

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