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‘Red cards are good, they provide talking points’, claims Phil Clarke

When the game between Castleford and Warrington had finished last night, the Sky Sports pundits began discussing what had happened during the game.

One moment stuck out in particular, as former Wigan forward Phil Clarke interjected about the sending off of Warrington prop Mike Cooper.

Clarke claimed, live on air, that “red cards are good, they provide talking points,” much to the horror of the rest of the rugby league fraternity.

Twitter became frenzied as a number of fans took to the social media site in disbelief of what they had just heard.

Red cards are never good to witness in a game of rugby league and they are handed out to punish perpetrators – not to sell newspapers.

Cooper had hit Castleford forward Liam Watts around the head with his arm, with referee Liam Moore taking immediate action to send off the Warrington man.

Social media was divided on whether it warranted a red, but Moore had no qualms about dishing out the severe punishment.

And, Clarke was in support, although perhaps for the wrong reasons, whilst Wolves boss Steve Price felt it was harsh.

“That was really harsh – a red card for that it was really tough.

“Liam Watts had a high shot on Matty Ashton under the posts when we took two points and it was more round the head anyway.

“I’m confident he will not have to answer to that or Josh Charnley’s tackle although it did warrant a yellow.”

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