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Rating every 2023 Super League kit included newest bold Leigh Leopards design

As the year draws to a close, excitement is building for the 2023 Super League season.

Plenty of kits have been released for next season so we have rated the ones released so far.

Castleford Tigers Home: 7/10

A shirt that balances dark and light colours very well. A smart looking jersey but one slight niggle is perhaps the dominance of black on the shirt which is a departure from what you’d usually expect from the Tigers.

Castleford Tigers Away: 8/10

A really smart shirt released by the Tigers. The white base with the black and amber vee is a great look and makes the jersey really eye catching.

Castleford Tigers Third: 10/10

An absolutely beautiful shirt from the Tigers in 2023. A traditional shirt blended with modernity, it is striking and smart.

Catalans Dragons Home: 7/10

A very traditional Catalans shirt with a white base and yellow and red detailing. However, there is not that much else to catch the eye.

Catalans Dragons Away: 8/10

A red shirt with interesting detailing throughout the kit. A modern look for a team hoping for success in 2023.

Huddersfield Giants Home: 7/10

The vee is back at Huddersfield and plenty of fans are delighted. It certainly looks like a smart kit but the only criticism I’d have is that other than the vee the rest of the shirt is a touch plain.

Huddersfield Giants Away: 8/10

Like the Castleford Tigers away shirt, this is a smart white jersey which takes the Giants’ traditional colours and adds them to a striking white base.

Huddersfield Giants Third: 9/10

Huddersfield have some of the best shirts in Super League in 2023 and their third kit is a real modern masterpiece with a black base adorned by pink details.

Hull FC Home: 8/10

A lovely smart kit paying tribute to the club’s history. A modern shirt taht respects traditional, it is the quintessential Hull FC shirt but looks very smart and is adorned by gold details.

Hull FC Away: 9/10

A bright blue away shirt is a striking and modern look for Hull FC however it pays homage to the past with a traditional of blue away kits.

Hull FC Alternate: 7/10

Unlike their traditional home shirt, Hull FC’s alternate shirt and their Magic Weekend shirt does something radical and new. It should be credited for this but won’t be everyone’s cup of tee.

Hull KR Home: 8/10

A smart and simple shirt from Hull KR going into 2023. Some have said it looks too much like an Arsenal shirt but it is a lovely modern kit which maintains Hull KR’s usual look.

Hull KR Alternate: 8/10ย 

The Robins’ alternate kit and Magic Weekend shirt pays homage to their win over Queensland in 1983 and the Maroons themselves would be happy to wear this shirt. A lovely mix of maroon and gold.

Hull KR Alternate: 7/10

A unique look from the Robins with a nice use of different shades of blue and a diamond inspired design.

Leeds Rhinos Home: 8/10

A bit of a different look for the Rhinos are they use a navy blue base as well as a white strip round the middle of the shirt. A really smart shirt for the Rhinos and a bit of a different look.

Leeds Rhinos Away: 7/10

Leeds’ away kit seems to take ques from the Premier League with so many top football teams with jerseys of this colour. A modern look but not one that screams Leeds Rhinos.

Leigh Leopards Home: 6/10

A bold new look for a bold new era at Leigh, credit for their commitment to the rebrand with a shirt like no other but it certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Credit also for adding red changing the initial design.

Leigh Leopards Away: 6/10

Another ambitious kit design from Leigh which should be applauded. Unsurprisingly using the leopard print design this time with an interesting shade of blue alongside the black of the leopard pattern. Nice colours and ambitious but could perhaps work better with a touch of subtly.

Salford Red Devils Home: 9/10

A really traditional yet modern look from Salford. A red base, a white vee and a touch of gold as they celebrate an anniversary.

Salford Red Devils Away: 6/10

Not much going on with this shirt. Nothing wrong with this white shirt but it’s not that interesting.

St Helens Home: 8/10

A really traditional look from the Champions and a smart one as well. A nice long red vee, a modern take on their traditional shirt.

St Helens Away: 10/10

A remake of an old Saints away kit, two great colours which work well together and a traditional design makes for one of the best shirts of a season.

Wakefield Trinity Home: 9/10

Criticised by some fans for looking too much like a Leeds Rhinos shirt, the gold detailing is superb as are the lights and dark blue stripes which create a smart yet visually interesting shirt.

Wakefield Trinity Away: 10/10

Some Wakefield fans may wish that their away shirt was their home shirt. Still with gold detailing to celebrate the club’s anniversary, it has a white base and red and blue stripes in a modern, traditional and smart jersey.

Warrington Wolves Home: 8/10

A return to a white home shirt last seen in 2009 for the Wolves. A smart look with a touch of primrose and blue. Perhaps it could be a bit more interesting.

Warrington Wolves Away: 8/10

A very modern shirt which will more than catch the eye in the season to come.

Wigan Warriors Home: 8/10

Like many on this list, Wigan have respected tradition with their 2023 home shirt but has added a modern splash to it. A really smart decision.

Wigan Warriors Away: 7/10

Similar to the Hull FC away kit, the Warriors have done something different with their away kit with a black base with green, blue and purple lines making their way across the kit. Ambitious and it sticks the landing.

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