Ranking the best away fans in Super League… as voted by you!

It’s always interesting to get fans’ views on whose fanbase they believe to have the best support.

Of course, having the loudest and largest fanbase doesn’t always equal success, but it is a good indication of how big a club is.

So, here are the rankings of the best away fans as voted by the public on our page!

8. Huddersfield Giants, Wakefield Trinity: 2%

It’s perhaps not a shock that these two West Yorkshire clubs rank lowest – after all, they are neither the loudest nor the largest away followings in the league. No wonder then, that both barely received any votes from fans.

7. Leigh Centurions, Salford Red Devils, Warrington Wolves: 4%

Three teams share seventh place which is surprising when you consider that Warrington definitely travel in greater numbers than both Leigh and Salford. The latter two, however, certainly make up for the lack of numbers with noise that makes larger crowds pale into insignificance.

6. Wigan Warriors: 6%

Wigan are somewhat of a quandary in terms of support; they are the club with the highest average crowd loss since 2016, but they always travel well in the semi-finals and finals. The same cannot be said, however, of their traditional following which sometimes lacks in numbers despite the club’s status.

5. St Helens: 9%

One of the major success stories of the Super League era, St Helens’ move to a new stadium signalled an increase in attendances. But, their away support has sometimes left a lot to be desired and definitely seems to be gauged on whether their team is doing well or not.

4. Castleford Tigers: 12%

The ‘Barmy Army’ tends to follow their team through thick and thin which is worth respecting especially considering the lack of success the Castleford club have had. Will always bring noise as well as the element of fun – as the Tigers fans’ conga in their 52-0 drubbing at Hull in 2013 proved.

3. Leeds Rhinos: 14%

The Rhinos’ success in Super League has perhaps ensured that they bring fans in abundance to wherever they go. However, they do not trouble the top two.

2. Hull KR: 22%

Like their rowdy neighbours over the river, Hull KR travel well though perhaps not as well their bitterest rivals. The Robins’ faithful always make the atmosphere interesting to say the least.

1. Hull FC: 31%

It’s perhaps no surprise that the black-and-whites sit top of the ladder when it comes to fanbases. Hull always bring numbers as well as plenty of noise, making them the obvious choice for first place.

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1 year ago

👍 ⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️ KOYH

1 year ago

Take your White rose Tinted glasses off. Agree both Hull teams should be at the top, but ranking Leeds above Saints is laughable. Leeds are awful at bringing fans over to Lancashire in general. Saints fans travel in great numbers and you are clearly basing this point of view on a few Yorkshire attendances given that the club regularly seeks out its allocations at the DW and the Halliwell Jones and has big turnouts despite that awful away end at Headingley. Wigan and Warrington both travel well to the Totally Wicked too, unlike most of the Yorkshire clubs. Hull put the rest of Yorkshire to shame but to be fair to all clubs fans, travelling along the M62 on a Friday evening is a nightmare.