Ralph Rimmer set to unleash ‘positive announcements’

Chief Executive Officer of the Rugby Football League, Ralph Rimmer, has spoken out about the exciting work going on in rugby league at present.

Rimmer, who was live on Betfred’s The Last Tackle, revealed just how confident him and his team are at growing the sport once more following COVID.

“I’m very confident we will grow the game, we’ve got a lot of exciting conversations going on behind the scenes and hopefully there will be a lot of positive announcements going forward,” Rimmer said.

“Having steered through the mot difficult of circumstances, we went in early and got government help and we’ve had good support from them in all sorts of ways.

“We’ve protected the sport and survived and we’re back in the growth phase now.”

Rimmer also maintained that people involved in the sport will be happy about potential announcements.

“The trajectory is up and there’s plenty of work going on behind the scenes that will put a smile on everyone’s faces.”

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2 months ago

Start with retiring rimmer get rid of ganson thaler and hicks introduce the bunker with the sculthorpes and morley put Tony smith and John kear in charge of the whole game