Ralph Rimmer reveals the “high point” of his rugby league career in “game changing” moment

The headline coming out of the Rugby League World Cup was perhaps that England had failed to win the tournament but that’s not quite true.

Yes, Shaun Wane’s England men failed to win the tournament as did the women but the PDRL side and Wheelchair side both claimed their titles.

The wheelchair final especially as been tipped to see the sport “explode” and helped bring rugby league in general to the forefront of national consciousness.

It was a big moment not just for wheelchair rugby league but the sport as a whole.

That was the view of departing RFL figurehead Ralph Rimmer who said on Twitter:

“Considering where we’ve come from over the last 10 years, I’ve no doubt that those two wins will be game changers for us.

“We stole the show, it was brilliant to come down here with the trophies. We are celebrating rugby league and the success of our disability sports.

“This is proper, proper history.

“We like to be inclusive, we want everyone to play the sport. If someone wants to play the sport, the doctrine is let’s find a way for them to do so.

“We’re raising the profile making sure everyone knows.”

He described it as the peak of his time in the game: “It’s probably the high point of my life in the sport.”

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