Radical loan system set to be introduced

The NRL is considering introducing a loan system just before the August 1 deadline.

As clubs rack up injuries alongside bubble restrictions meaning reinforcements cannot be brought in from outside, a loan system seems to be the next best option with the NRL set to look into it this week.

“This is a developing story and I expect it to intensify over the next day or so,” David Riccio (Daily Telegraph) told NRL Tonight on Fox League.

“The NRL had a phone hook-up with the CEOs and football managers over the last 24 hours to talk over a situation that is becoming an increasing problem for clubs – that’s their playing stocks and their ability to field teams.

“We are seeing clubs being stretched injury-wise and Covid-wise, both personal and for bubble breaches.

Though the loan system would run for the rest of the regular season, it wouldn’t include the play-offs and grand final.

“It means players from clubs can switch immediately to fill gaps that are increasingly becoming a problem at certain clubs i.e. the Roosters, Warriors, the Dragons and the Sharks.”

Two clubs would be able to agree on a immediate swap for a set period of time, including just one or two games.

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