Radical change to sin bins suggested as they “ruin the spectacle”

There have been 44 sin bins already in the NRL.

In general over the last few seasons we have seen more cards in Super League and the NRL as both competitions clamp down on problem areas in the game.

But there have been some who have been dismayed by the number and thus a radical solution has been proposed by NRL analyst Paul Crawley.

He told NRL 360: “The problem I’ve got is the NRL know we are in the business of entertainment, they know we’ve got to have the best player on the field.

“But when you’re watching sin bin after sin bin it gets to the point where you know the result and it ruins the spectacle.

“I think they’re going to have to have a look at it. Now you don’t want to let foul play in but do some of these sin bins really deserve 10 minutes?

“Or should we look we look at maybe letting a player return after a try is scored, or do you make it a five-minute sin bin.

“I just think at the moment a lot of the penalties are too harsh for the crime.”

However, Paul Kent argued against this, saying: “You can’t have penalties where a guy is willing to accept the punishment because the punishment has got to be less than what it benefits his team.

“The reason the 10-minute sin bin is such a tough period for teams is because they struggle to get through it, so that’s a deterrent to do the offence that gets them into trouble. We’re trying to get rid of all this stuff out of the game.

“For 10-15 years the game has been too soft on too many incidents and we’ve allowed it to go on.”

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