Radford spends afternoon in hospital after being bitten by dog

Hull FC coach Lee Radford will be seen sporting a bandage on his hand during tomorrow’s game with Salford.

After trying to catch an injured dog near Hull’s training ground, the head coach was bitten by the animal after he cornered it on a bike commandeered from a young local.

No, we’re not joking.

“I got bit by a dog,” Radford told Hull Live.

“I was saving a dog, they’re all calling me the dog whisperer outside. It got ran over outside of here yesterday so I chased it down County Road and then I got out of breath so I pinched a young kids bike.

“I got down to the bottom of County Road, I managed to corner it, it was only a little cute thing, and it bit my hand. I spent the afternoon in A&E getting tetanus shots and now I look like Keith Lemon.”

The dog was thankfully unharmed, however the same can’t be said for Radford.

A win over the Red Devils, however, would no doubt numb the pain.