Radford hails victory against “disrespectful” Warrington

Hull FC head coach says Warrington’s disrespectful social media account did his team talk for him on Saturday.

The Wolves had won their previous two meeting against the Airlie Birds by an aggregate score of 143-22 and their twitter page took the chance to boast about this prior to the game.

However this came back to bite them as Hull claimed an unlikely 19-12 victory at the Halliwell Jones Stadium, just seven weeks after losing 63-12 at home to the same opposition.

And in his post-match press conference Radford revealed that he felt the Wolves had gone too far with their online antics in the build-up.

“We got a gut full of their social media this week, it was outstanding how many points they’ve put on us previously but I just thought it was so disrespectful,” he said.

“It gets teams backs up that, I don’t mind them having some dignity.

“I don’t know what the word is but there’s a way to win and you don’t have to embarrass people and that certainly played a part. That was the team talk – job done.

“Today there was a bounce in the changing rooms and a good energy and I felt they had a gut full of them of the stuff that has been said.”

With their victory on Saturday, Hull moved back into Super League’s top four and are now just four points behind Warrington ahead of Magic Weekend.