Questions raised over huge Super League takeover

After years of battling against the likes of Leeds Rhinos, Wigan Warriors, Warrington Wolves and others in the top league, Wakefield Trinity are headed to the Championship in 2024.

Trinity were promoted to Super League in 1998 but after 25 years in the league they have found themselves relegated.

The club’s future is now certainly in question but the club are banking on a major takeover.

It was suggested by Brian Carney on Sky Sports that it was in doubt.

He said: “We don’t if that will be happening now and that would be a disaster for the club if it didn’t.”

However, according to reports from the Examiner Live, if the takeover is complete then the new owners will appoint Daryl Powell as new boss ahead of Mark Applegarth.

So, the takeover could have a huge immediate impact on the club.

This comes after Applegarth was adamant that the club would return to Super League:

“I don’t think I can. I’m a bit hurt if I’m honest. Obviously as head coach it’s my responsibility. I feel that on my shoulders a bit. I’m a bit raw at the moment if I’m honest with you.

“We’ve just spoke there after we’d been on the pitch over to the fans who came over, which I can’t thank him enough for, and it’s not effort that I’m questioning.

“We’ve been sat in 26 or 27 of these now all year and I’ve said the same things about skill, execution and composure in key moments. How they’ve gone about the business today, going in, I think we were at 50% completion in that first half.

“To go in at 12-6, we spoke about a bit of composure and getting down there and I can’t have asked for more and I would have done that. We were up at about 90% in that second half.

“Again, we’ve had our chances and ultimately Leigh took theirs when we got it. It hurts, it’s raw. As head coach, especially of your home town club, it’s not a nice feeling and I’ll take full responsibility for that.

“But one thing I will guarantee is that Wakefield Trinity will be back. We will be back, but yeah, it stings. It stings a lot.”