Pundit believes Jackson Hastings’ former teammates have an “issue” with him

There has been a lot of talk about Jackson Hastings in recent weeks as the former Wigan Warriors and Salford Red Devils star geared up to take on his former club the Wests Tigers with the Newcastle Knights.

There was even talk that he had to leave due to a rift between him and new signing from Wigan John Bateman.

Then after the game itself, which was edged by the Knights in Hastings’ favour, Hastings was caught up in a fiery exchange with two Tigers players stemming from a high tackle during the game.

“You can see Tommy Talau goes up to Jackson Hastings after the interview he just had with us, pushes him in the chest,” Braith Anasta said in Fox League’s coverage of Sunday’s action.

“Klemmer comes up afterwards. The Tigers not too happy with Jackson at all. Not sure if that was warranted or called for. Klemmer giving him an absolute serve. Tensions are high.”

“You don’t see that often, shirt-fronting someone after the game” added Greg Alexander.

You can see the incident here:

In the interview itself, Hastings addressed the tackle and apologised:

“I honestly didn’t think I got him but he’s bleeding so obviously I did, I’m really sorry to Tommy and I’ll say sorry to him after this, it was a pure accident, there was no malice in it,” Hastings said.

“He came at me and was well within his rights after getting hit like that. So full apologies to Tommy, it was an accident and I’m just glad to get the win and try to stop a try.”

Why there needed to be such a fiery incident remains unclear, however Braith Anasta has now suggested there is an issue between Hastings and his former teammates on NRL 360:

“The hit on Talau, it wasn’t good, but we’ve seen that… for Klemmer to come in, obviously he doesn’t like Jackson either.

“To me it suggested there was an issue there with the ex-players and Jackson, I could be wrong but that was such an unusual circumstance, you don’t see it at all.”

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