Pryce condemns Wilkin boo boys

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Leon Pryce has criticised the St Helens fans who appeared to boo captain Jon Wilkin during last night’s match against Huddersfield.

A minority of supporters cheered ironically when Wilkin was taken off in the second half of their 40-16 win at Langtree Park.

His performances this season have come under scrutiny from a number of Saints fans, leading to s small section voicing their disapproval from the terraces.

Wilkin, who has been at the club nearly 16 years and won every domestic honour available, has made 1045 tackles this season – the second most of any player in Super League.

Speaking on his Twitter page, Pryce said: “I thought I had to say something after reading comments that Wilko was booed off last night by his own fans.

“Having this happened to me in my last game for the Bulls I feel I have to say something. The fans that boo him obviously have no idea of physiological effect on Jon.

“For me it was the single worst memory of my career and something I’ve only just come to terms with and it happened to me four months ago.

“I understand fans pay good money to say and shout whatever they want within reason but really…… boo a player who has played over 500 games for the club is poor form in my opinion.

“I understand that fans may not be happy and have a right to express that but from a players point of view you don’t walk on the field wanting to play poor or make mistakes or do anything wrong and there maybe lots of reasons why a players struggles in a game or a season, they don’t just walk off the field and forget about it, you think about it every second of the day, everyday until you finally find a way to let it go which in my case took me 4 months.

“Just try be a little more mindful of what effect it has on players mental health. For the amount of hard graft Wilko’s put into playing for Saints he never deserves that.

“Just so disappointing to hear as the Saints fans are so close to my heart and treat me the best I’ve ever experienced.

“Support people when there down don’t put the boot in!! Sorry just thought I had to say something as Jon is a very nice bloke, friend and I don’t think he deserves that!”