Professor explains why controversial new rules are effective despite insane number of penalties in academy clash

It was announced recently that academy games would trial new rules to try and reduce the risk of concussion.

These new rules would see kick-offs from the opposition 40 metre line rather than halfway and also a reduced tackle height making anything above the armpit a penalty.

Fans were sceptical about the trial before hand which began tonight as Bradford Bulls’ academy lost to Leeds Rhinos’ academy 32-50.

Perhaps it was so high scoring because of the number of penalties award with there being nearly 60 awarded, the vast majority for high tackles.

Reports are suggesting that in total 56 penalties were handed out.

Now Professor Ben Jones of Leeds Beckett University has explained why these rule changes are effective.

He took to social media to say: “First RFL academy law trial modification trial done.

“Analogy for what we’re doing; road collisions (head collisions), casualty rate (concussion), speed limits (legal height of tackle), speed cameras (sanctioned high tackles), + others.

“Rate of concussion higher when tackling high, rate of concussion lowest when tackling torso, and rate of concussion medium when tackling low. Hit the sweet spot, avoid the head-head and knee-head, but we definitely need to keep an eye on this. Accepting things will happen.”