Proctor guilty of biting

Gold Coast Titans forward Kevin Proctor has been found guilty of biting, and has been handed a four-match ban.

Proctor was accused by Cronulla Sharks halfback Shaun Johnson, and he was sent off. He became the first player in the history of the NRL to be sent off for such an offence.

It is much lesser ban than previous biting offences. James Graham got 12 games, and Brad Morrin got eight matches.

However, Proctor did get a 25-per-cent discount on his punishment, as a result for disciplinary record over the last seven years.

The matter is still not closed. Both Proctor and Johnson could be facing further punishment for talking about the incident in the media, before it got to the panel.

Proctor gave several interviews pleading his innocence, while Johnson also made an Instagram post defending Proctor.

Judiciary Chairman Geoff Bellew told the pair: “It is not for players to conduct their defence in the media.

“The players are provided with this forum that we are in at the moment for that purpose.”

The pair could get financial penalties for this.