Powell gives his thoughts on Roby try

Castleford Tigers Head Coach Daryl Powell believes his side should have defended better in the lead-up to St Helens’ second try.

It was an incident that caused plenty of debate on social media. A kick went towards the corner, Mark Percival went for the ball was adjudged to have knocked the ball back, and then Regan Grace patted the ball back and there was a question mark over whether or not he was in touch as well.

However, video referee Chris Kendall said there were no infringements, meaning James Roby’s try was given.

Powell said apart from a question mark of the ball being in touch, he had no problem with the try being awarded.

He said: “It looked like it went back. Initially I thought he (Percival) might have knocked it on, but then it looked like it went backwards.

“I thought it might have hit the line, I thought there was some doubt in that. But I think we should have scrambled a bit harder from the inside, and we potentially stop that. Someone has to catch the ball as well.

“I think we have to look at ourselves. Whether it hit the line or not, is hard to tell.

“It could have went either way, but we didnt have the luck on that occasion.”

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1 year ago

Always had a lot of respect for DP as a coach and player. Think his comments here are spot on. If the boot was on the other foot and Cas were in Saint’s position, then had the try not been awarded…? Afraid it wasn’t this try that lost Cas the game, but their discipline in the 2nd half and Saint’s scrambling defence.