Players and officials forced to abandon pitch for bizarre reason in Super League clash

On Sky Sports we have seen a classic encounter between two of the top teams in the Super League.

It was a clash between second and third in the league.

The first half was exhilarating to say the least.

Wigan are like the best counter-attacking Premier League sides. They absorbed plenty of early pressure and then found space out wide through Bevan French who sent Liam Marshall down the wing. He found support in the shape of Liam Farrell and Wigan had the lead.

Then, chasing Danny McGuire’s Super League try scoring record, Ryan Hall, who is the real life example of give them an inch and they will take a mile, as the winger was only given an inch to ground the ball, and like one of the tries he scored for England in 2011, he grounded the ball in the corner.

Again, French sent Marshall down the wing and he again found Liam Farrell in support again with a long inside ball allowing the backrower to bag a brace and give Wigan the lead.

It looked set to be two tries a piece of Hall and Farrell when the winger raced down the wing only for Wigan youngster Junior Nsemba to scramble and deny the winger.

A great first half and at the start of the second period, Wigan added to their lead through Liam Marshall but straight after that the players and officials left the pitch briefly due to a drone lingering above the pitch.

They weren’t off for long with the players returning and Harry Smith missing the goal.

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