Player welfare called into question as forward slams state of play

The issue surrounding player welfare continues to rear its head as the congested fixture list as well as problems surrounding COVID throws matches into question.

However, one issue that doesn’t get mentioned as much is that of semi-professional players.

That is, of course, those that work part-time alongside playing part-time.

Whilst Super League clubs afford the luxury of time off after matches as well as a much-less hectic rest and recovery, most players from the Championship and all League 1 clubs still need to work on the side.

Now, Swinton’s Nick Gregson raised an important issue on Twitter: why do semi-professionals play Sunday when they have to get up and work a normal job on a Monday morning?

It is a very relevant question and one that should certainly be taken into account considering the debates surrounding player welfare at present.

Why don’t Championship and League 1 sides play on a Saturday to give these semi-pros an extra day off in terms of recovery following a game?

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