Phone call with former Warrington Wolves man helped secure Will Pryce’s Huddersfield Giants’ exit to NRL

Huddersfield Giants confirmed that Will Pryce will be leaving the club at the end of 2023 to make the move to the NRL in 2024.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Pryce revealed how a phone call from former Warrington Wolves star signing and legendary halfback Andrew Johns convinced him to make the switch.

“I got a chance to meet up with Clint Zammit earlier on in the year – in February,” Pryce said to the Daily Telegraph.

“They really sold it to me. The direction the club is looking to go in the next few years and the long term plan was really interesting to me.

“I got to speak to Andrew Johns, who is one of if not my favourite player of all time. He is looking forward to being able to work with me and that is a big factor why I wanted to go over.

“I want to go somewhere where I feel like it is a home away from home.

“I was a bit shell-shocked. I was a bit gobsmacked. It was one of those phone calls that take you back a bit. It has been quite a tough journey to get to where I am now,

“There have been a lot of setbacks. Me and my dad have always talked about Joey Johns – he has played against him, he has played the top level and he has always said he has done things in the game that none else has done.

“When you study someone and they are an idol, and then you get a phone cal off them, it feels a bit unrealistic. It was crazy when I received the phone call from him.

“We chatted about the ambitions of the club and his ambitions for the team going forward, the spine in particular.

“Coming in as a spine player and Joey Johns being one of, if not the best … seven of all time, it is a massive thing to get a call from someone like that.”

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