Phil Clarke says “the cracks are starting to appear” for “very lucky” Warrington Wolves

Phil Clarke has said the “cracks are starting to appear” for Warrington Wolves.

That said, Clarke has said their season isn’t yet crumbling and they are lucky that they play the struggling Huddersfield Giants next week which is a chance for them to get back on track.

These comments, came after Clarke said he felt there was a fragility in Warrington before the game.

“I was right on that performance but I’m not saying their season is crumbling but the cracks are appearing,” Clarke said referencing his prior comments.

“Their season isn’t completely over and I think they’re very lucky that their next game is against Huddersfield Giants and that gives them a reasonably good chance of winning if they were playing a high flying team at the moment then I think they’d struggle.

“They haven’t been brilliant recently. George Williams has been brilliant, so has Paul Vaughan but they don’t look like a brilliant team enough this season.”

Then Barrie McDermott added:

“Against Leigh it was in the final quarter when heads slumped and we saw that body language and it cost them.

“Today, it was probably on 41, 42, 43 minutes when it went and the game went away from them and it was lost.”