Phil Clarke says Super League side need to drastically improve to make the play-offs

The play-off race looks set to be as close as ever in 2023.

Hull FC have recently emerged as potential contenders for a top six spot despite losing seven games in a row.

They have now won the last three.

However, Phil Clarke has said they need some drastic improvement to make the play-offs.

In fact, he said they need to improve by 25% to have a chance at the top six.

“Not at all, no. I think you need 25% improvement and a lot of luck to get the top six,” Clarke said on Sky Sports.

“A lot can change in sport in a short time even in the space of a month but they need to rapidly improve if they want to be a top six side.”

This came as he gave an interesting assessment of Wakefield Trinity, the side Hull FC defeated on Thursday night.

“Wakefield I think they are almost playing as well as they can play. They just need some line breakers and try scorers,” he said.

“If Bevan French was playing for the Wakefield side, they’d have plenty more tries and would have won some matches.

“If Tom Johnstone had been on the wing they’d score more.

“For what they’ve got, they are doing remarkably well. And their performance having lost 11 games was admirable.”

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