Phil Clarke says St Helens have surpassed the greatest Wigan Warriors side

Phil Clarke has said that this current St Helens side have surpassed the achievements of the Wigan side who won seven consecutive titles.

This is because it has been done in a salary cap league.

He said on Sky: “St Helens are lifting the standard of Super League. I was lucky enough to play in a dynasty at Wigan when they had sustained success for a long period of time.

“I looked back over the last 100 years of rugby to see who are the best teams and only a handful of teams stand out with a win-loss record.

“Back before the first World War Huddersfield had a side that stood apart. Sadly that period of success ended when they had to go off and fight.

“There was Wigan just after the second World War, Leeds in the 60s and we have spoken about Wigan who won the league seven seasons in a row. I was lucky to play in six of them and they won the Challenge Cup every year too. They had consistency but could get up for the big games too.

“Now with St Helens, the drive for five is what they say. What they have achieved in a salary cap sport is equal or perhaps better than what Wigan achieved.”

However, the Saints would go on to be stunned by Leeds Rhinos last night with Clarke saying they were “over aggressive” but said that he still believes that they will make the Grand Final.

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