Phil Clarke says “outplayed” Warrington under pressure and have been “lucky” this season

For the first time this season Warrington Wolves go into their next on the back of a defeat.

The Wolves lost their second of a three game run against three challenging sides as Wigan Warriors taught them a lesson in wet weather rugby as Wolves boss Daryl Powell put it.

Next week they take on the Champions St Helens who also lost on Friday and Jon Wilkin was asked on Sky Sports whether that makes Powell’s job easier or harder ahead of next week.

“These are the easiest weeks, Wilkin said.

“They have been going well and they have just been corrected by Wigan, their line of action has just been corrected by a Wigan team and they get motivation to go and play the Champions off the back of a bit of a hiding in terms of defensive effort and physical effort with the ball.

“It was a tight game but that game will sting Daryl Powell and he and his team will have huge motivation to go and be miles better next week.”

However, Phil Clarke is not so sure. He said the Wolves are now under pressure and suggested they have been lucky at times in 2023 and were outplayed by Wigan.

He said: “I think they were lucky to win in France and there is no doubt that they were outplayed tonight. There were some decision that went against them, you might have talked about play the ball speed.

“Wigan were the better side so that is two weeks in a row where arguably they have not been the best team.

“They are under a but of pressure going into next week against St Helens.”

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