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Rugby League World Cup

Phil Clarke says Aussies were stunned by England selection decision

Yesterday we saw Jack Welsby play fullback for England for the first time.

But it is far from the first time that the two-time Young Player of the Year has played fullback with it being his preferred position at St Helens.

However, he of course played in the halves in the World Cup with Sam Tomkins at fullback.

This was a decision that amazed and flabbergasted Australian coaches that Phil Clarke spoke to as he explained on Sky Sports.

“All the leading experts that I spoke to leading into the World Cup couldn’t believe that when they had him available they didn’t have Welsby at fullback and Tomkins in the halves because of his speed.

“They were amazed all the leading coaches that I spoke to that that wasn’t made as the selection decision. We are seeing today what he can do at fullback.”

He went on to mention that fact again hinting that it could have been a mistake:

“The leading coaches in the NRL were amazed back in the World Cup that he didn’t play in that fullback position but that is now all in the past.”

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