Phil Clarke questions the point of the video referee after controversial call

Phil Clarke has questioned the value of the video referee in Super League.

This came after a try was given to Huddersfield Giants for Kevin Naiqama at the Magic Weekend despite the fact the video referee couldn’t conclusively prove that winger Jake Bibby who was heavily involved was on side.

He said on Sky Sports:

“You can’t see the winger in frame. It deserves further scrutiny for me. If we are giving tries like that without the camera angles to show if he is onside it almost negates the point of having a video referee.

“It is a great try. Huddersfield are playing with more risk factor, more offloads and it was a lovely kick.”

He then slammed St Helens’ try being given in response:

“Then there was this try. For me this one is hugely controversial. You can see Jonny Lomax appears off side and my understanding is you cannot be within the 10 when the ball comes down and Lomax certainly is. He seems to be within four metres.”

Chris Chester then added:

“I totally agree. That one should have been disallowed. A pretty easy decision to make.”