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Phil Clarke calls out frustrating rule that needs to change

It is safe to say France were up against it yesterday as they took on England losing 64-0.

They couldn’t catch a break and at one point tried a quick tap from a penalty but were stopped by official Liam Moore.

However, this led to an unhappy Phil Clarke calling for the rules to allow this more often saying it contradicts the philosophy that we want to speed the game up.

He said on Sky Sports: “They’ve stopped him tapping it quickly there.

“We want to speed up the game at times and slow it down at others. We have to have some consistency with what we want to do with the sport.”

Jon Wilkin agreed:

“You’re right. Just let the game flow there. It was a cynical offside from England. The penalty is a punishment, Rouge kicks the ball 30-40 metres down field but a quick tap could have led to something more dangerous.”

Clarke claimed that it would add more variety and excitement to the game:

“It could have added some variety and excitement. I think we need more variety in the sport.”

It is something that often has had a level of inconsistency to it from a spectator’s point of view.

A quick tap though certainly gets bums out of seats.

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