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Phil Clarke baffled by recent rule change

When the pandemic hit rugby league was radically changed.

This was especially the case in terms of rules.

It gave birth to the six again rule and also nearly saw the death of the scrum.

Even now there are less scrums than in the past with some restarts that used to be scrums now being play the balls.

This is something Phil Clarke can’t understand with him believing they give sides the opportunity to be creative.

“It is a brilliant try from a scrum,” he said on Sky Sports after a lovely Iain Thornley try for Wigan Warriors against Hull FC.

“They create the extra man and added space and Iain Thornley grounds it in the corner.

“A try from a scrum is a great piece of rugby. I don’t know why we have less scrums, a lot of restarts we now have a play the ball.

“I think scrums are a tremendous part of the game. The crowd get in suspense about what creative play could come up.”

It does beg the question, what role do scrums play in the modern game?

With the ball being held in the scrum now more than ever and with scrums not competitive like in union and in the days of the past, should we see more or less scrums in the sport?

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