Phil Clarke backs written off Super League side to finish sixth

Hull FC stunned Warrington Wolves at the Magic Weekend.

They have won five of their last six games since they lost seven games in a row.

Many wrote the Black and Whites off after they lost seven games in a row but Phil Clarke has stated he thinks they can make the play-offs:

“I think, best case scenario, they can finish sixth. At best, if things go their way, they can be a good sixth placed side.

“I think sometimes we forget don’t we that seasons are like rollercoasters. They go up and down.

“Sometimes people want to get off when they feel sick and things aren’t going right like when they lost seven games in a row but Tony Smith said things would get better and they have like he promised.”

That said he is concerned they could still crumble:

“I have seen Hull FC in the past win these big games at big stadiums, big occasions against big teams and crumble a week or two later when the pressure isn’t on them or the attention.

“That is brilliant for them, I hope for them they can continue on because it would make the second half of the season very interesting but they have to be able to back that up.”