Paul Wellens takes responsibility for recent drop off at St Helens

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for St Helens who have lost two games in a row against Leeds Rhinos and Leigh Leopards.

The big question now is why have the Super League and World Champions come unstuck in recent weeks?

Paul Wellens addressed this taking full responsibilty:

“What we saw when we played over there (against Penrith) was us staying calm in the big moments. What we have seen over the last two weeks is a lack of composure,” Wellens said on Saints TV.

“We have been flustered at times and we need to handle those big situations better. We have done that in the past so that’s why it is more surprising.

“I suppose the first place I have got to look there is myself and how I can do anything different to help the team moving forward.

“There were some good individual performances but I’m more concerned about the team’s performance and what happened out there tonight was there was too many individual efforts rather than working as a team which is what we have built our success off.

“I don’t know if there is a hangover or there isn’t, this is something we haven’t done before but the situation isn’t changing. We have  got a game next week, the week after that and the week after that.

“We have got to somehow as a team, and I include myself and the staff in that, we have got to find a way to improve and get back to the standards that we have become accustomed to and set week on week – because consistency has been a real strength of ours in recent years.”

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