Paul Wellens says St Helens and Leeds Rhinos are “like brothers”

Paul Wellens admitted after St Helens’ dramatic golden point win over Leeds Rhinos that there was a bit of emotion between the two sides.

This has long been the case and Wellens feels it can only be good for the sport.

He said:

“Yeah, there’s always a bit of emotion in between the two teams.

“I think it stems from the fact that we’ve contested a lot of big games with each other in recent history. I love that, that’s what makes sport great.

“That’s what makes for wonderful occasions like tonight. I’m sure people who are here in the ground tonight or sat at home can see that two committed teams can do absolutely everything in terms of effort and energy to try and win a game.

“In terms of quality, it probably wouldn’t be what it needed to be but, as soon as Irons games, we can take the opportunity to make that happen.”

Wellens went on to liken it to two brothers fighting:

“I know there’s a real, well it’s close to a hatred, I don’t like the word hatred, but back in the day when I played, I think when you have two teams very similar in terms of competitiveness, in terms of will to win, both want the same thing.

“I suppose it’s like two brothers fighting in the backyard, they want to get one over the other. I think that’s what you see in games like this tomorrow.

“I love these types of occasions, I love coming to Headingley, I love coming to some great places to come and play, but it’s always a huge challenge. In that sense, that’s why I’m so pleased we’ve come away with a win. we’ve come away with a win.”