Paul Wellens says Leeds got under St Helens’ skin as he questions his side’s composure

Paul Wellens has said Leeds Rhinos got under his side’s skin last night as the Super League Champions lost to the previously winless Leeds.

When asked after the game on Saints TV if the Rhinos got under St Helens’ skin, he said:

“Yeah, potentially. That’s where I am talking about a lack of composure. What we have got to do is keep our cool is those types of moments and we just didn’t quite do that. It is uncharacteristic.

“But it is a valuable lesson that we need to learn because we make ourselves easier to beat when we were in the frame of mind that we were in for periods in that game tonight.

On Sky Sports, he did describe it as a terrific game:

“Terrific game. I thought we were unlucky to come out on the wrong side of the result but I want to pay huge credit t Leeds there, they played a tough competitive game and hung in there and got the result in the end.”

That said he questioned his side’s discipline and composure:

“There were a number of factors, but the one that I have spoken to the team about is a lack of discipline and lack of composure at the end of the game and that is something that disappoints because we normally do it really well.

“At the start of the second half I thought we were totally dominant and really comfortable so to lose in that manner is what disappoints me.”

He also had his say on the key decision around Sam Walters’ supposed shoulder charge:

“Potentially, it is whether you deem it as a shoulder charge or not. We speak about discipline and in other areas like players not responding positively enough to things not going our way.

“I don’t want to make excuses.

“I need to get some clarity this week on what is and isn’t because we have players who like to be physical and tackle that way so if that’s allowed then great.”

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