Paul Wellens calls for Super League to emulate the NRL with Six Again rule

There has been a lot of talk about the Six Again rule recently.

After their win over Huddersfield Giants, St Helens were accused of “effectively cheating” with regards to the Six Again rule by Sky Sports’ Phil Clarke.

Then on Saturday we saw how the Six Again rule can be used to benefit the offending side when Catalans Dragons directly benefited from giving away a set restarted scoring to take a 22-8 lead,

Now, St Helens boss Paul Wellens has provided his view of the Six Again rule as he called for Super League to emulate the NRL.

He said on Saints TV:

“I don’t mind the six again rule. I do actually look at the way they do it in the NRL now and coming out of yardage in particular you can get a penalty. I think that’s something that we need to look at.

“I think what a lot of people quickly forget is that what used to happen before the six again rule was teams lying on and being happy to give penalties away, which then caused a stop in the game and particularly if you’re chasing a game you’re not going to take the two points.

“That was how it used to look so I think if people in the game are looking at changing it then I think people in the game need to have a long hard look at how it used to look, and the reasons why we moved into the six again rule in the first place.”

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