Paul Wellens calls for more respect for Super League after amazing win

After St Helens won the World Club Challenge on Saturday, coach Paul Wellens called for attitudes to change towards Super League.

“We haven’t won Super League with ease over the last four years.,” Wellens said according to Fox Sports.

“I hope people realise that the Super League is a strong competition. Although it’s not at the level of the NRL on a consistent basis, it’s not doing a lot wrong.

“We’re a strong competition in our own right, and we’re trying to get better and improve.

“I hope this performance can be a catalyst for change, and a catalyst for improvement in rugby league on our side of the world.”

Wellens also addressed the interest in his star players, including Jack Welsby, from NRL clubs,

“I consider it a privilege that clubs on this side of the world would like to take our players, because that means we’re doing something right,” Wellens said.

“But at the same time we have to create an environment where players want to stay and be a part of it.

“I don’t know the individual ambitions of every single player within our squad, but I do know to a man they are all extremely happy pulling on a Saints jersey and coming over to Australia and performing like they did.”

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