Paul Sculthorpe critical of one of Super League’s best players

Paul Sculthorpe has been very critical of one of the star players who plays his old position.

That of course would be the man who wears the shirt Sculthorpe made famous: 13 at St Helens.

Knowles returned from a five match ban last week against Halifax Panthers in the Challenge Cup and has now copped a two match ban for a red card he picked up at the end of that game.

Speaking on The Last Tackle, Sculthorpe was critical of Knowles’ ill-discipline:

“Do you know what, one of Morgan’s biggest strengths, probably his biggest strength, is his competitiveness. He wants to win everything, he wants to win every play.

“Obviously he’s had a moment of madness. You don’t want to ever take that away from a player. What it is, he’s just got to be more controlled.

“Morgan, to chase like he did, I mean, they’ve been so strict now with the new regulations of head knocks and hitting ball players as they pass the ball.

“It was right on the line, the ball player kept hold of the ball but it was a clumsy high tackle and he’s going to pay the price.”

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