Paul Rowley really unhappy with his Salford’s “immature” and “silly” mistakes

It is safe to say Salford Red Devils boss Paul Rowley wasn’t happy with his sides performance today as they lost 24-10 at home against Hull KR tonight having beaten Leigh Leopards in Round One.

It was a game that emphasised their attacking potential once again but also saw them show some weaknesses and Rowley said he was ‘flattened’ by the result on Sky Sports:

“Yeah it is a bit of a flattener really, I thought our execution was off and we made too many errors. Even some of our depth and tempo, I thought we could have got a few more tries in that first half.

“I’ve got to give credit to Hull KR and the way they came back, we were a bit soft and sloppy in the second half.”

When he was told that his side made 15 errors, he described them as “silly” and “immature” and said that the stat “stabbed me in the heart.”

He said:

“Some of them were silly and a little bit immature. You can’t really say they were forced errors, they were silly errors, I didn’t know that number so you have stabbed me in the heart there but that sums it up.”

What really disappointed him was his sides poor game management and missed opportunities however: “Game management, depth and tempo was a bit off. Our game detail is something we pride ourselves on and have more detail in than other teams and I just thought we took wrong options at wrong times.

“We were a bit off.”

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