Paul Rowley provides interesting details about Brodie Croft injury after Salford Red Devils’ win over Huddersfield Giants

Brodie Croft has been brilliant in 2022 and that was there for all to see in the first half against Huddersfield today.

His Red Devils side beat Huddersfield 28-0 to secure their semi-final spot against Champions St Helens next week but the damage was done early with Salford taking a 16-0 lead.

He helped conjure up Salford second try if four when his break carved upon Huddersfield before he put Kallum Watkins in for a try.

That was not the only time he caused havoc in the usually stern Huddersfield defence but his afternoon was cut short after a head injury.

News then circulated that he had failed his HIA test which would see him miss next weekend’s semifinal against St Helens however that is not exactly what happened according to coach Paul Rowley.

After the game Rowley said: “I’m assuming he’s out as well. It’s a big blow, but sometimes it’s not meant to be and the story is written a little bit different.

“There’s one week and then there’s a week after that so I suppose the rest of the group’s job is to ensure that Brodie gets to have another outing and that such an outstanding season hasn’t ended today.

“I don’t think they did an assessment, I think they ruled it off video they said he’s gone limp. That’s why I’m assuming he’s not fit.”

So Croft’s injury isn’t your run of the mill head bang, it sounds like he was knocked out and therefore ruled to have concussion.

Either way it seems as though he will not be able to play next week.

When asked if Chris Atkin will replace him, Rowley simply said: “Possibly.”

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