Paul McShane on whether he was close to following Daryl Powell to Warrington Wolves

Paul McShane is a former Man of Steel and at the heart of the Castleford Tigers team.

Their skipper and key player as the organiser from the number nine spot.

However, if you believe the rumours, he was nearly taken over to Warrington Wolves at the end of 2021. As his coach Daryl Powell left for the Wire, it was rumoured that like Peter Mata’utia and Oliver Holmes, Powell was looking to bring McShane with him especially as rumours circulated linking Daryl Clark to a move to Gold Coast Titans.

Powell and McShane met again at the Super League launch again and it prompted the question: was McShane ever close to following Powell to the Halliwell Jones?

He said: “No, I’ve got the upmost respect for Powelly but I’ve always been contracted to Cas and I want to finish my career at Cas. Luckily I’ve got a deal now where hopefully I can do that.”

The Tigers are under the command of Lee Radford and McShane compared the two: “With Radders he’s fairly open to the group. When you’re playing, you play what you feel and with Powelly he’s got the detailed side of it, which at the time when I first joined Cas I needed to understand the game of rugby more. So what Powelly taught me in that period of time was massive. Now we’re working under Radders, it’s like playing with an open view and seeing and playing how you feel.”

When asked if the two coaches suited the different stages of his career, McShane said: “Yeah 100%, probably last year it was slow to kick in but this year we’re fully ready for it.”

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