Paul Cooke says Super League coach is like “a broken record”

Some talking points never go away in Super League including video referees.

This is because it is often suggested that Super League needs video referees at every game.

This was something suggested by Hull KR boss Willie Peters after their defeat to Catalans Dragons when a strike from Mitchell Pearce on Mikey Lewis was missed.

After these comments, former Hull KR man Paul Cooke branded Peters a broken record but agrees with him.

“He’s a broken record and we’re all broken records,” Cooke said on BBC Humberside.

“He’s only just over here Willie, but he’s saying the same thing that was 10 years ago isn’t it? We would love video referees every game, it takes away some of the controversies.

“I’ve just seen the Mitchell Pearce one, where he flies out and gets Litten and in my opinion it’s at least yellow.

“But it is what it is isn’t it, and if you’re not willing to forego a little bit then you’re not going to get video referees every game.

“Ultimately the competition is unfair because of it isn’t it? Because if you’re on TV the majority of weeks, and there’s a number of clubs that are on it more than others and rightly so because they’re the games that everybody wants to see towards the top end of the table or the relegation battle ones.

“So there’s an argument to say that the competition is diluted because it’s not always the same set of rules if you like.”

This came as Cooke called on clubs to pay for video referees at every game:

“If the clubs give up 50 grand off what we get from the Super League, every single club, we can have a video referee at every game.

“Do you know what the owners say? No. So it’s as simple as that.

“It’s down to finance. If you give up 50 grand, we’ll get video referees at every game. The clubs won’t do it.

“So you’re asking for a tool that I believe we do need, but you’re not willing to pay for it. You’re not willing to give up a bit of money. Or, we find a sponsor that will sponsor that. So there’s work to be done on it, but ultimately it comes down to finance.

“Also for the majority of the owners of Super League clubs. 50 grand, listen, I’m not being disrespectful, it’s a drop in the ocean to some of them. And it’s coming off the money that they’re given from the Super League anyway.

“They will then ask why do we have to give up our money when that kind of Super League put it in themselves?”