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Owner hits back at Ben Jones-Bishop for ‘deeply offensive’ and ‘potentially defamatory’ comments

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Rochdale Hornets owner Andy Mazey has hit back at Ben Jones-Bishop, following the latter’s comments at the weekend.

Jones-Bishop’s brother, Aaron, had been hit with an eight-match ban for biting earlier on in the year, which meant he missed Jamaica’s international against England Knights for Jordan Turner’s testimonial. And, Ben was bitterly disappointed.

“Great to have the family supporting last night but absolutely gutted that I wasn’t able to play alongside my brother due to the lack of integrity of @rochdalehornets , one of their players and the inept @rugbyfootballleague disciplinary process.

“My brother was banned 8 games for alleged biting after being punched repeatedly. Was accused of throwing a punch where video footage clearly shows he didn’t.

“Family or not, for a player to ruin another’s season and possible international selection by making up an allegation to justify his actions I find cowardly.

“I know how hard my brother has worked off the field to be in great shape when he finally got a chance at @hunsletrlfcofficial and put himself in a position to be available for selection.

“I know this has hit him hard and hope no other player has to go through a similar situation.”

But, Mazey, when asked by Serious About Rugby League about Jones-Bishop’s comments, was seriously unhappy.

“His brother was citied and subsequently having taken a bite of our players finger,” Mazey said.

“The RFL tribunal found him guilty and this is nothing to do with Rochdale Hornets so Ben needs to be very careful what he’s saying and writing in the public domain about my club as I find his comments deeply offensive and potentially defamatory.”

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