Owen Farrell “wonders” about playing rugby league

There is always talk about whether or not Owen Farrell would ever make the jump to rugby league.

Son of Wigan Warriors legend Andy Farrell, the England rugby union star always feels like one that got away.

And speaking to the Daily Mirror, Farrell admitted that he has always wondered if he could hack it at the highest level in Super League.

He said: “I always wonder if I could do it, if I’d be any good.”

He then admitted that he loves the game, especially watching Wigan:

“I love the game, I love watching Wigan.

“I’m obsessed with the NRL, I watch as much as I can.

“Until I moved down south, until there was talk of my dad moving to rugby union, I didn’t know what rugby union was. Like, I’d see the England games sometimes and see the World Cup and I’d see some Six Nations, but I weren’t really into it, if I’m honest.

“The love for the game came later on. But my first love was nothing but rugby league.”

Until Farrell retires there will always be the question of whether we could finally see him in Super League and even then it will become one of the great what ifs in rugby league.