“Oh come on!” – Barrie McDermott flabbergasted by yellow card decision

Siosiua Taukeiaho avoided a ban after Round 10 despite being initially awarded one due to his previous record.

So he was able to start in a big game against St Helens last night but he was sent to the sin bin just before the break for a heavy tackle on Jack Welsby and Barrie McDermott was not happy about the decision at all.

He said initially:

“Jack Welsby isn’t a player that usually stays down. At first look it looked like a great tackle.

“Oh come on! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.”

Commentator Stuart Pyke agreed with McDermott:

“I agree, I think he might be waiting to see if the video referee Tom Grant is having a look at this but it looked absolutely okay at first look.”

As more replays came along, McDermott got more infuriated with the call:

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It was a forceful challenge, Welsby didn’t get up, but I think it was legal. I know sometimes I am more lenient.”

And when the yellow card was brandished he said:

“Oh come on! Secondary contact with the head that’s what he’s gone for. He has said that his shoulder has hit the head after the initial contact.

“Listen I know we want to protect players, we don’t want to see players unconscious on the floor.”

At halftime, the former Leeds Rhinos enforcer continued saying the sport should not be getting rid of contact like that: “It is a heavy challenge and is punished in the harshest way by a yellow card. Never in the memory of man should we get rid of contact like that.”

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