Offiah claims another Leeds player was at fault for Harry Newman moment

Martin Offiah is perhaps the greatest try scorer ever.

So he is best placed to give his opinion on the Harry Newman break when the Leeds Rhinos star showed the dummy instead of passing to Richie Myler in what could have been a match winning moment for the Rhinos in the Challenge Cup against Wigan Warriors.

At first, Offiah described it as “wrong” from Newman.

“Harry Newman, I scored a lot of tries in my time but that is wrong,” he said on BBC.

However after seeing it again, Offiah gave Newman some leeway:

“It is a game of bluff. French learnt from what he saw in the first half and he does learn from it.

“It is a two on one, the head fake from Bevan does make it harder so that makes me think I should give Harry a little bit of leeway there. Bevan made it very difficult for him.”

Interestingly, a great support player himself, he also put a focus on the support play from Richie Myler saying he got it wromg:

“I am going to be a little bit critical and say the support player, Richie Myler, was a bit close. If he had been a bit wider, it would have taken all the decision and doubt away.”

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Graham Codd
Graham Codd
18 days ago

I thought Myler was rather close but in the last few minutes of a match when you’re behind you have to take the risk. There was always the possibility that Myler could have widened the gap from French had he received the ball and trusted to his momentum taking him over. It’s far more difficult to stop a player’s momentum tackling him from the side. To my mind, French should have been stopped when he scored.