NRL star wants “chat” with “disrespectful” teammates after 27 no show important event

Last week an NRL awards night drew attention for all the wrong reasons.

The one in question was St George Illawarra Dragons’ end of season awards evening in which only three first team players attended in the shape of Zac Lomax, Michael Molo and Ben Hunt, who recently signed a new deal, according to the Syndey Morning Herald.

This meant that 27 first team players no showed the event sparking more speculation about potential unrest at the Dragons piling the pressure on Anthony Griffin after he led St George to 10th place in the NRL as the club’s struggles continue.

However, the strange attendance has been explained away by the club who explained that their men’s team are weeks into their annual leave with many on holiday with the ceremony having to wait for the conclusion of the NRLW season.

According to Fox League, Chief Executive Ryan Webb said: “When you do this it meant our men’s team were three to four weeks into their leave period so many had gone on their holidays. It’s a tricky situation for a lot of clubs with both NRL and NRLW teams will have to work out a solution for.”

However, to the Sydney Morning Herald stated that many of the players were at home but simply chose not to attend despite it being a recruitment of employment at most NRL clubs feeding the narrative of unrest around the club.

Now though one of the three to attend, Ben Hunt who is currently in England with the Australia World Cup camp, has had his say on the matter saying he’d like to talk to his “disrespectful” teammates who no showed the event whilst still in Sydney but did acknowledge that some players were on holiday.

According to Zerotackle, he told 9News: “Yes, it was a bit disappointing in a way – but also, a lot of players came to me when we found out about the presentation night and mentioned that they’d already booked holidays away.”

When the subject of some no showers still being in Sydney was broached, he said: “Yeah I did hear after that there were a couple of guys still in Sydney and I think that’s pretty disrespectful,” Hunt continued.

“I’d like to have a chat to some of them. Obviously I won’t be able to do it for a few weeks now until I get back for pre-season, it’d be good to know their reasons why.”

“You’re part of the club and you’ve worked all year playing for them, you should come and celebrate the year.”

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