NRL star slams and refuses COVID vaccine, threatening career

Nelson Asofa-Solomona is now refusing to have the COVID-19 vaccine after reports suggested he was reluctant last week.

That means that the towering New Zealander is unlikely to link up with the Melbourne Storm for pre-season training when that begins in December.

Storm CEO Justin Rodski revealed that Asofa-Solomona’s unwillingness to take the vaccination would lead to “significant implications” for both player and club.

The Kiwi posted on social media site Instagram: “Front line nurses speaking out. Ask the question, why are they willing to lose their job to not get the juice? What are they seeing that we don’t see.”

His post latched on to a video of South Australian healthcare workers protesting SA Heath’s decision to make unvaccinated healthcare workers take leave.

Asofa-Solomona’s issue highlights just how inconsistent the rules across the NRL are, with a number of calls for the governing body to bring into practice a uniform guideline.

If the rampaging forward can’t play for the Storm in the state of Victoria in 2022, he may have to take a huge pay cut or lose his contract, which would potentially open Asofa-Solomona up to the market.

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Roland Orzabal
Roland Orzabal
1 year ago

Good man!! A real man with balls!