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NRL spokesperson says they are keen to resolve salary cap controversy

The NRL announce that the NRL and NRLW salary cap for the 2023 season will increase which will be at a new record-breaking level for both male and female players.

The 2023 NRL Premiership salary cap will increase to $12.1m in 2023 from $9.6m in 2022, a 25% increase.

The cap for top 30 players will increase to a historic high of $11.45 million, a 22% increase from the 2022 salary cap.

This equates to £6.7 million for the full squad and £6.6 million for the top 30.

This is a whopping three times what the current Super League figure stands at which is £2.1 million.

Back to the NRL, the development list will increase from $240,000 to $650,000, capturing the relevant development player payments.

The 2023 NRL Women’s Premiership’s salary cap will increase by 153% to $884,000.

To ensure players share in this unprecedented increase, the NRL has announced that the minimum salary for all male players in a club’s top 30 NRL squad will grow to $120,000.

As a result of today’s announcement, players who have the standard form ratchet clause in their playing contract will receive an 18% increase to their playing fee, with the increase to be effective from 1 November, resulting in a well-timed year-end bonus.

This did cause some friction however as the RLPA were left upset by this announcement before they finished the complete CBA negotiations.

However, an NRL spokesperson has stated that they are keen to resolve this confusion when speaking to the Daily Telegraph.

They have also said they will help clubs implement the changes:

“The NRL have indicated they will continue to work with the clubs to implement the changes,” said the spokesperson.”

This follows the scathing statement from the RLPA in response to the announcement.

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