NRL set to confirm huge increase to salary cap which will dwarf Super League’s

The negotiations over the salary cap in Australia are still on going as former Hull KR star Clint Newton as President of the Players Association (RLPA) fights to secure a better future for the players with an increased minimum wage an increased cap.

The longer these go on the more difficult the situation for clubs who cannot finalise deals and signings until they know exactly what the salary cap will be.

According to Daily Telegraph journalist Phil Rothfield speaking on the Big Sports Breakfast, the cap will be increased from $9.4 million to $11.8 million.

He said:

“I think they’ve all but reached an agreement with the clubs on the salary cap and funding model where each of the 17 clubs will get $5 million over the salary cap,” he said.

“The salary cap will be about $11.8 million but they haven’t got any agreement with the players.

“They’re still a little way off there so I don’t think they can announce a salary cap until they’ve finalised their talks and fully understand what the players’ share of the pie is going to be.

“It’s a really painful operation.”

This $11.8 million would equate to £6.5 million which is three times the current salary cap in Super League which is £2.1 million.

The current disparity is around £3 million with the current NRL cap coming in at around £5.1 million.

This further emphasises the difference in spending between the two competitions and why Super League routinely loses players to the NRL.

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