NRL revert to one referee and six-again rule implemented for ruck infringements

The ARL Commission has announced two major rule changes coming to the NRL for the rest of the 2020 season.

In a bid to make the game more entertaining and free-flowing, the NRL has reverted back to one on-field referee, and introduced a new rule where a team is given a fresh set of six tackles rather than a penalty for ruck infringements.

Referees will still be able to issue a penalty and sin-bin players for persistent ruck infringements.

In a statement, ARL Chairman Peter V’landys stated: “The decision shouldn’t be seen as taking one referee out, it should be that we are using three full-time experienced referees controlling the game which will ensure greater surveillance of the ruck and the wrestle.

“The decision will significantly reduce the number of stoppages in games and showcase more open, unstructured play for the benefit of fans.

“These decisions address the issue of wrestling and slowing the ruck down which has been the biggest issue in the game.

“It’s clear the current system hasn’t effectively addressed the issue of wresting in the game. Reverting to one referee together with the new six again rule, gives us a chance to speed up the ruck and create more free-flowing rugby league.”

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